Our Technology

Dr. Rever has been an early adopter of technology at Advanced Total Dental Care in Silver Spring, MD. Our office uses a wide range of digital, laser, and CAD/CAM technology to enhance all phases of your dentistry, from treatment planning to procedures.

The use of technology and high-quality materials has vastly improved the patient experience, making your dental treatments more efficient, less painful, and longer-lasting. New dental technology also enhances our ability to spot developing diseases, from tooth decay to oral cancer, in the early stages.

Routine visits are not only the key to maintaining a lasting smile but can serve to support your long-term physical health by providing Dr. Rever the opportunity to spot the early oral signs of larger health concerns. We are happy to show off and discuss our office technology during your visits with us- feel free to ask!

digital dental x-rays in Silver Spring MD

CBCT 3-D X-rays

Dr. Rever uses a CBCT scanner for minimizing radiation exposure while obtaining high-resolution 3-D scans for use in diagnosis and treatment planning for many general, cosmetic, and restorative dental treatments. These scans produce imagery that enables accurate planning for the placement of dental implants.

laser dentistry for painless treatment in Silver Spring MD

Picasso Soft Tissue Dental Laser

A dental laser has many uses and offers treatment that is less invasive, painful, and with fewer side effects. Dr. Rever provides advanced periodontal therapy using the dental laser, stimulating the natural healing response while removing damaged tissue and harmful bacteria from the gums and tooth roots.

VELscope oral cancer screening in Silver Spring MD


Dr. Rever uses VelScope to enhance the visual oral cancer screening performed at all routine dental visits. Oral cancer screening can be life-saving and regular visits provide the opportunity to spot signs of oral cancer in the early stage when treatment is most successful.

Painless Oral Injection System in Silver Spring MD

Dental Vibe

Anxious about needles or injections for anesthesia or treatment? Dr. Rever offers pain-free injections using the Dental Vibe handheld tool. The Dental Vibe “tricks the brain” into ignoring the actual injection and stimulating pain signals. Patients feel only gentle vibration.

oraverse silver spring md


OraVerse makes it easy to reverse the side effects of local anesthetics. You can resume your daily routine without feeling numb. OraVerse enables you to speak and eat properly within minutes of leaving the dentist’s chair.

Diagnodent at Advanced Total Dental Care in Silver Spring


Laser cavity detection means that decay can be spotted before any symptoms are evident. This enables Dr. Rever to monitor for potential diseases and treat both quickly and conservatively.

Using this convenient and comfortable handheld laser device, Dr. Rever scans all surfaces of your mouth to look for signs of change in both hard and soft tissues which can indicate possible infection. DIAGNODent can spot decay that lies below the surface for prompt treatment.