Sedation Dentistry Silver Spring, MD

Are you afraid to visit the dentist due to past trauma or dental anxiety?

Many people suffer from dental anxiety or dental fear. It is not uncommon to see a child afraid of visiting the dentist or a patient with dental trauma because of a previous bad dentist.

Dental anxiety may prevent you from receiving the dental care needed to maintain good oral health. If left untreated, this can lead to complex dental problems that can affect your overall well-being. In addition to our many general dentistry services, Dr. David Rever offers sedation options to new and existing patients.

At Advanced Total Dental Care, we understand your dental concerns. We foster a welcoming dental experience where every patient is valued and listened to. We have created a worry-free environment where patients are free to discuss all of their concerns without judgment.

Dr. Rever will only recommend necessary treatments and have the utmost diligence to work within your budget. We aim to make you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your dental visit.

Dr. Rever provides sedation dentistry in Silver Spring, MD, with options for patients who experience fear of the dentist. Dr. Rever completed his sedation training with the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation, a trusted source of continuing education for dentists.

He is a dentist you can trust when choosing the right sedation method. He will discuss your personal concerns and medical history to ensure that the dental sedation recommended is both effective and safe for you.

Silver Spring, MD sedation dentistry

Types of Sedation Dentistry at Advanced Total Dental Care

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is administered by mouth via pill or tablet. This method is excellent for patients who have a fear of needles. Oral sedatives are administered in pill form, often with an at-home dose. You will be given a pill to take before your dental appointment.

The effects will kick in before the visit and last until you get home after your dental procedure. This type of sedation requires patients to have an escort to and from their appointment.

Inhalation Conscious Sedation (Nitrous Oxide)

This form of sedation is inhaled via a nose mask during dental appointments. Many people may be aware of this type of sedation because it has been used for many years in dentistry. It is administered through a small cannula placed over the nose. The device administers a steady stream of an oxygen and nitrous oxide mixture.

This will give you a feeling of euphoria, and a light-headed feeling, to help you feel more relaxed throughout the procedure. This sedative wears off almost immediately after removing the nose mask. With this option, you might not need an escort to and from your appointment.

Dental Sedation FAQs

Can anyone get dental sedation?

Many patients benefit from dental sedation options to alleviate dental anxiety. You will be screened to make sure that your body will respond well. Remember that dental sedation is not a permanent solution to your dental fears.

Will my insurance plan cover dental sedation?

If it is deemed medically necessary that you get dental sedation during your dental treatment, then your insurance plan can elect to cover the cost. Although, some dental insurance companies will not cover dental sedation. Contact your specific provider for details.

Which dental sedation option is best for me?

Not much will prevent a patient from being eligible for either sedation option mentioned above. It will depend on your preference and unique situation. Nitrous oxide is the most popular option.

What does dental sedation feel like?

You will feel relaxed, calm, and even happy when you are under dental sedation. You may become drowsy and feel like you are about to fall asleep, but you will not be put to sleep. You may temporarily lose memory during the procedure when you recover from the sedation.

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Your oral health does not have to suffer. Our Silver Spring, MD dentist is an understanding, friendly dentist with years of experience. He can treat your dental issues promptly and with a gentle hand. Call us today for more support and to request a dental sedation option for your next dental treatment at Advanced Total Dental Care in Silver Spring, MD.