Dental Implants FAQs Silver Spring, MD

Why are dental implants so expensive?

Dental implants offer a permanent solution to tooth loss. They are a long-term investment in your overall health, oral health, and quality of life with much less maintenance than other options. To have implants placed requires at least one surgery and more quality materials.

The entire process can take months, and you will need to be overseen by Dr. Rever at his Silver Spring, MD dentist office during this time. Not to mention, other options, such as dentures, can actually end up costing more after years of maintenance, cleaning supplies, and replacement.

What are dental implants made of?

Most dental implants are made of titanium, the same material used in knee, hip, and shoulder replacements. This material is biocompatible, meaning the human body accepts it well.

It will naturally fuse with the surrounding jaw bone during osseointegration. This is what makes implants extremely durable. While a metal allergy is rare, implants are also available in other materials for those who suffer from one.

Will dental implants lift my face?

One of the main reasons Dr. Rever often recommends a dental implant restoration is to prevent bone loss in the jaw, which leads to facial sagging and premature aging. If you suffer from extensive bone loss and facial sagging, choosing to invest in dental implants can help. Implants need enough bone structure to help keep them stable, however.

There is a good chance you will need bone grafting to build up the jaw bone. Once you are healed, the implants can be implanted and your denture attached.

The grafting and implantation will require a healing period, so patience is important throughout this process. In the end, you will have adequate bone structure and replacement teeth that will help hold the natural shape of your face and help you look young again.

Will dental implants stop bone loss?

When a tooth goes missing, the bone and gum tissue deteriorates. A dental implant will act as the missing tooth root and halt the loss of bone in your jaw. Implants are placed in the alveolar bone where the tooth roots were once located. They will stimulate the bone tissue, thus stopping the process of bone reabsorption.

Are dental implants safe?

Dental implants have been used in dentistry for over 50 years. They are perfectly safe and have transformed the lives of many patients over the years. They also have over a 95% success rate. Not everyone will qualify for dental implants, though. While age is not an issue, overall health is.

Silver Spring, MD dentist Dr. Rever will examine your mouth, teeth, overall health, and oral health to see if you qualify for implants. It is important that you do not use tobacco also. If you are not in good health, there is a chance that your implants will fail.

Which is better: dental implants or dentures?

The biggest difference between dental implants and dentures is that implants prevent bone loss and have fewer restrictions. While dentures will cost less initially, they involve a lot of maintenance and will eventually need replacement. If you wear dentures, you must avoid certain foods, especially hard food.

They will also not prevent bone loss. Dental implants, however, will stimulate the jaw bone to prevent bone loss and premature aging. Because they are more durable, they have fewer eating restrictions that allow you to consume a healthier diet. A dental implant-supported denture will look and feel like natural teeth.

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