Dental Implants vs Dentures Silver Spring, MD

Deciding how to replace your missing teeth can be overwhelming. In the past, dentures were the only option available if you were missing many or all of your teeth. While dentures are a perfectly reasonable replacement, dental implants have become a better option because they offer many more benefits.

Dental Implants vs. Dentures

Below, we will explain what dentures and dental implants are and list each option’s pros and cons.


dental implants vs dentures in silver spring, maryland

What are Dentures?

A denture is a prosthetic device that is used to replace missing teeth. A full denture will replace an entire arch of teeth. The false row of teeth is fused to an acrylic base that mimics the color of gum tissue.

It stays in place by way of suctioning to the gums. A partial denture will replace several missing teeth on an arch. They are designed to remain in place by a metal frame clasping to the remaining teeth.


  • Will hold the shape of the face
  • Prevents any remaining teeth from shifting
  • The patient will be able to eat and speak better
  • Inexpensive tooth replacement option
  • The process to get them takes under a month
  • Does not require surgery


  • Will not replace the teeth at the root
  • The patient will eventually suffer from bone loss
  • Require an adjustment period (typically 30 days or more)
  • It will need to be rebased, adjusted, and even replaced over the years
  • May fall out, move or shift in the mouth leading to slurred speech
  • Are bulky in the mouth
  • Have many food restrictions
  • It may require adhesive to stay in place

What are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants vs Dentures in Silver Spring MD

A dental implant is actually a small metal post that looks like a screw. Two to eight implants will be surgically placed in the jaw bone to replace many or all the teeth on an arch.

Over the span of three to six months, they will fuse with the surrounding bone creating a very strong base for the replacement teeth. Then a denture will be attached to the implants creating a natural-looking and functioning set of replacement teeth.


  • Over a 95% success rate
  • Replaces tooth at the root
  • Prevents bone loss after tooth loss
  • Permanently holds the shape of the face
  • Very durable and stable
  • Dental restoration will not slip around in the mouth
  • Zero risk of restoration falling out
  • Little to no eating restrictions
  • Allows for natural speech
  • Dental restoration will look and feel more natural in the mouth
  • Can last a lifetime if cared for properly
  • Higher patient satisfaction


  • Can be costly
  • The process to have them placed will take months
  • The patient will need to under at least one surgical procedure
  • Must maintain proper oral hygiene for a lifetime
  • Must be in good health to have the implants placed

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