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Do you have chronic, severe tooth pain? Dr. David Rever performs most tooth extraction treatments in his comfortable Silver Spring dentist’s office. With over 30 years of experience in dentistry, our dentist in Silver Spring, MD, provides quality dental care.

However, this does not mean every situation involving tooth pain will require an extraction. Some tooth pain is temporary and caused by minor factors. You can avoid tooth extraction with routine oral care and bi-yearly dental checkups. Tooth extractions are a general dentistry service Dr. Rever provides in his Silver Spring, MD, dental office. Dr. Rever will recommend tooth removal when fillings or root canals are not viable options.

tooth extraction in silver spring, maryland

How to Determine if You Need a Tooth Extraction

We do everything possible to preserve a natural tooth. However, common reasons patients may seek an extraction include:

Whatever the case, Dr. Rever will ensure you are comfortable, well-informed, and satisfied throughout and after your dental visit. If you have been experiencing severe tooth pain, visit your local dentist immediately.

Dr. Rever recommends a tooth extraction ONLY if we cannot save the tooth. We try our best to restore your existing teeth so you can enjoy your most natural smile for as long as possible.

Never decide on your treatment without consulting a healthcare professional. In most cases, Dr. Rever can save your tooth. We also provide patients of all ages with wisdom teeth removal. Wisdom teeth should be removed in your teens, but many avoid this procedure until they experience discomfort or pain.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth, also known as the “third molars,” are the last permanent teeth to grow. Typically, wisdom teeth grow when you are in your teens or twenties. However, these teeth can grow later in life. While some patients live comfortably with wisdom teeth, many need them removed.

Wisdom teeth cause problems when there is not enough room to grow. As a result, impacted wisdom teeth increase the risk of infection, overcrowding, and tooth damage.

We provide wisdom teeth extractions to prevent pain, infections, and other wisdom teeth problems. Because wisdom teeth are in the back of the mouth and may not fully erupt, it can take time to remove them. We provide sedation so you do not feel any pain during treatment. Then, we will gently remove the wisdom teeth, sometimes in pieces, depending on how they grow.

The Tooth Extraction Process in Silver Spring, MD

Dr. Rever will assess the condition of your teeth and develop a plan to extract the damaged tooth. He may take X-rays to get a full view of your teeth, gums, and jaw. That way, he can see any impacted teeth.

Right before treatment, Dr. Rever will administer general anesthesia. We offer conscious sedation for patients who suffer from a fear of the dentist or dental anxiety.

Those who may suffer from dental anxiety have nothing to fear. We will numb the teeth and the surrounding area to relieve any discomfort. Once fully numb, Dr. Rever and his staff will begin the process.

First, Dr. Rever will remove the tooth and cover the socket with sterile gauze. If needed, he will place a few stitches into the socket. There may be a small amount of discomfort in the days after the surgery. Dr. Rever will give you pain relief advice and may prescribe medication to relieve any discomfort.

Patients may need a tooth extraction for several reasons. However, a tooth extraction by a skilled dentist has great results and little to no pain. We offer patients various sedatives to ensure they are relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure.

Once the tooth is extracted, Dr. Rever will explain your replacement options. Patients may elect to replace the lost tooth if it’s a front tooth or if it will dramatically change their bite.

Replacing the missing tooth as soon as possible will avoid further infection or problems associated with removing a tooth. We offer a variety of replacement tooth options, including dental implants. Dental implants can replace a missing tooth or secure a bridge or dentures. Whether you have one or multiple teeth removed, we can help.

Tooth Extraction FAQs

Do you want to know more about tooth extraction? Learn about tooth extraction treatment in our Silver Spring, MD office with answers to these patient questions:

Is it better to repair or extract a damaged tooth?

As a restorative dentist, Dr. Rever does his best to keep as much of your natural tooth as possible. Nothing is healthier for your smile than having as many natural teeth as possible. We only recommend extractions in severe situations. Dr. Rever will examine your teeth and gums to see if you can get a crown, bonding treatment, or extraction.

Will a tooth extraction relieve my tooth pain?

A tooth extraction can treat tooth pain, but only if it’s the direct cause of your pain. In certain situations, we can treat tooth pain by addressing the issue’s root instead of completely removing a tooth. We will always recommend conservative treatment before

How long does it take to remove a tooth?

Simple tooth extractions are quick and take a single visit to the dentist. First, we will numb your mouth so you do not feel pain. Then, we will surgically remove the affected tooth. We will give you post-surgery instructions to help prevent infections and dry sockets.

A complex tooth extraction can take several hours, as we may access a tooth at or below the gum line. Removing wisdom teeth and other damaged teeth can take time.

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