Dental Fillings Silver Spring, MD

Dental fillings are a common procedure in dentistry. Most patients receive dental fillings if they suffer from cracked and chipped teeth. Fillings are a general dentistry treatment Dr. Rever provides to the public in Silver Spring. Decayed teeth can also be treated with a deep cleaning and fillings procedure.

Dr. David Rever is a highly trained general dentist in Silver Spring, MD, with years of experience treating common oral health concerns. Advanced Total Dental Care’s staff can help restore your oral foundation and health. We can build you an even more beautiful smile.

Due to advancements in dentistry, patients can choose from various dental filling materials. Dr. Rever only uses the highest quality material to ensure patients walk out with a functional, bright fillings in silver spring, maryland

Some common dental filling material includes:

  • Composite Resin Filling- a mixture of fine particles and resins specially designed to resemble and match the color of your natural tooth. They are completely safe to use and can last a lifetime.
  • Lonomers- A combination of finely-ground glass and acrylic. Lonomers are usually placed near the gum line or tooth root, where bite pressure isn’t a factor.
  • Porcelain- A combination of porcelain, glass powder, and ceramic. Porcelain fillings are known for their durability and aesthetics. Porcelain fillings are ideal for patients with advanced tooth decay or damage. Porcelain veneers may also be recommended to match treatment. These types of fillings are the most popular option.

If patients have old fillings that cause discomfort or are visually distracting from their smile, Dr. Rever can assess the problem and offer a more durable dental filling material. Replace old dental amalgam fillings that may contain mercury with new porcelain fillings for a more seamless look.

Dental Fillings: What to Expect

Applying a dental filling is typically completed in a single visit. Our Silver Spring Dentist office knows how stressful it can be to visit the dentist. We make every effort to get you in and out promptly. Dr. Rever will consult with you about your dental habits and concerns. He will review your oral history and create a plan to restore your smile.

After the consultation, Dr. Rever will numb the infected area. After a brief waiting period to let the numbing solution take effect, he will begin the application process. Dr. Rever will first remove all of the decayed parts of the tooth.

Next, he will apply the selected filling. The filling will be polished, cleaned, and molded to match the rest of the tooth. This will make sure your bite pattern is not changed drastically. Ultimately, we want you to feel like all we did was make the pain disappear.

Those who suffer from dental fear should be at ease. Applying a dental filling is a quick and common restorative dental practice. We work diligently to make sure each patient is comfortable, no matter how simple the procedure may be. Depending on the extent of the tooth decay, Dr. Rever may also suggest a dental inlay or onlay to restore your smile. Visit our Silver Spring dentist office today, or schedule a visit online.

Dental Filling FAQs

Why do I need a dental filling?

Dental fillings will fill in the damage caused by a tooth infection. Without cleaning and filling your cavity, you expose it to more harmful bacteria and further deterioration. This eventually leads to quick tooth loss and more costly dental procedures.

Do I need a dental filling, a crown, an inlay, or an onlay?

This highly depends on the type of damage your teeth have suffered. Generally, a basic tooth cavity can be filled with a dental filling. More extensive damage can be fixed with a dental crown, inlay, or onlay.

Is getting a dental filling painful?

No. Your mouth will always be numbed before any dental procedure that requires tooth work. You will not feel pain, but you may feel temporary discomfort from the dentist working on your mouth.

Are dental fillings expensive?

No. If you have insurance, you might only have to pay your co-pay. Dental fillings are deemed necessary for your oral health. Most (if not all) dental insurance providers cover the entire cost of dental fillings. Contact your dental insurance provider for more details, or call us.

Should I get a filling or extraction?

The best option would be to get a dental filling before removing a natural tooth. In most cases, tooth damage from decay can be fixed with a filling or root canal. We usually recommend keeping your natural teeth for as long as possible.