Dental Concerns Silver Spring, MD

Our trusted dentist in Silver Spring, MD, Dr. David Rever, has over 30 years of experience treating dental concerns. Dr. Rever has completed thousands of restorative dental cases and has taken thousands of hours of continuing education.

Dr. Rever was the Vice President of the Maryland Academy of General Dentistry and completed the Implant Seminars Implant Dentistry Continuum, and Masters Series programs.

Dr. Rever is a member of the International College of Oral Implantologists, and a Fellow of the International Dental Implant Association. With this broad range of skills, he is able to obtain excellent results with patients who have multiple cosmetic, occlusal, and restorative problems.

Using advanced technology and quality materials, the goal of your treatment is to restore oral health with lasting results. Dr. Rever takes time with you to understand your dental concerns and evaluate all aspects of your dental health.

We will ensure that any recommended treatment will withstand the test of time. Treating your concerns only symptomatically can often result in a breakdown of your dentistry over time. That is why we focus on fixing the root of the problem before recommending any cosmetic treatments.

Dental concerns can range from common to complex in nature. They can also have an effect beyond the health of your smile. It is important to consider the role that healthy gums play in both dental and overall good health. Keeping both teeth and gums free of disease and decay is the foundation of our preventive dental care program and your lasting smile.

Treating a dental problem quickly and appropriately can avoid permanent damage and even tooth loss. Restoring your dental health can also help to support your overall health and well-being, reducing the risk of larger health issues such as cardiovascular and systemic disease.

Poor oral health has been directly linked with an increase in the risk for or severity of many health concerns due to increased internal inflammation as deteriorating gum health allows harmful bacteria to enter the bloodstream.

Dental Concerns: Treatment Options in Silver Spring

Dr. Rever will evaluate your dental health and discuss your symptoms and concerns in order to make personalized treatment recommendations. Our staff can also offer oral hygiene advice for periodontal concerns that require maintenance between visits to avoid disease progression.

Common concerns we address in our Silver Spring dentist office can include:

Dental Anxiety? We Have Solutions

Avoiding the dentist due to dental anxiety or fear? Dr. Rever offers sedation dentistry options to enable you to receive the treatment you need or desire while feeling relaxed and stress-free. Restoring your poor oral health can give you back not only a healthy smile but an improved quality of life.

Dr. Rever will take the time to discuss your dental history, possible bad experiences in the dentist chair, and how best to address your anxiety.

Dr. Rever offers oral sedation and nitrous oxide, both of which are forms of conscious sedation that will allow you to be treated without feeling anxious. We will discuss the benefits of each and recommend the most appropriate option for you as needed.

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