Multiple Dental Implants Silver Spring, MD

Whether you are missing teeth due to trauma or oral health issues such as advanced gum disease, the key part you should focus on is how to replace them. Dr. David Rever will recommend multiple dental implants to secure dental restoration. This is the most natural option available today, and it also focuses on your long-term oral health.

multiple dental implants in silver spring, maryland

Dr. Rever is a highly educated and experienced Silver Spring, MD implant dentist. He offers many solutions to patients missing two or more teeth. Dr. Rever can plan, place and restore dental implants using advanced dental technology. Contact our local Silver Spring dental office today at (301) 637-0960 to learn more about getting many dental implants.

Multiple Dental Implants

Dr. Rever replaces teeth with a dental bridge or denture held securely in place by dental implants. During your consultation, he will decide how many implants you need after an in-depth examination of your mouth, gums, and teeth. Most dental restorations are held in place with two, four, or more teeth implants.

Implant-Supported Bridge

Several consecutive missing teeth can be replaced with a dental bridge using at least two dental implants. Your dentist or oral surgeon will place the implant posts in the jaw bone on both sides of the void. Then, he will fabricate and secure a custom-made dental bridge to the implants.

Another option would be to replace each missing tooth with a separate implant-supported dental crown. However, that option is more invasive and may require more implants. An implant-supported bridge is a better solution than a partial denture; since partials are typically less reliable or natural-looking. Learn more about dental crowns.

Implant-Supported Denture

An entire row of missing teeth can be replaced with a denture using up to eight dental implants. Dr. Rever will map out where the implants should be placed along the arch during the planning phase. The implants will be placed in their pre-determined location during a surgical procedure while under general anesthetic.

Implant-supported dentures offer more benefits compared to traditional removable dentures. They will not slip around in the mouth or cause slurred speech. Many people have to constantly worry about them falling out.

Dentures held in place with implants are more comfortable and offer a long-term solution for patients missing entire upper or lower rows of teeth. This restoration has helped many people live better lives, giving them more confidence in their smiles.

Implant-Supported Partial Denture

Dr. Rever can design a partial denture to replace a few missing teeth on an arch that are not consecutive. It is typically used if you still have healthy remaining teeth and just need to fill in the gaps. Two to four dental implants typically support them.

Schedule a Dental Implant Consultation

Start the process today that will help you regain your oral health. Schedule a consultation with Dr. David Rever at his Silver Spring, MD dentist office to learn more about replacing your missing teeth with multiple dental implants. You can reach Advanced Total Dental Care to schedule your free implant consultation at (301) 637-0960, or you can schedule an appointment online.