Will Protein Shakes Hurt My Smile?

Protein shakes refer to blended beverages containing powdered protein, fruits, and other delicious additives. Whether you want to balance your diet, enhance your fitness regimen, or build muscle, these drinks can offer many wellness benefits. But if you are not careful, protein shakes could hurt your oral health in the process.

You do not have to give up your favorite beverage to preserve your smile though. Read on to find advice from your dentist to keep your smile looking and feeling its best as you enjoy protein shakes.

protein shakes and oral health risks

Tips for Good Oral Health While Drinking Protein Shakes

Rinse Away Gritty Residues

When you drink a protein shake, you might notice the powder will leave a gritty residue behind on your teeth. This can feel uncomfortable, but this film could also put your oral health at risk.

When particles remain on your teeth, they will contribute to plaque formation. Plaque will eat away at your dental structure, causing major damage. We remove plaque by brushing and flossing our teeth on a regular basis.

Make sure you get rid of the grit on your teeth from a protein drink promptly. If you cannot do your oral hygiene routine, drink a glass of water. This can wash away any residues from your teeth.

This will make your mouth feel fresher as well. You can reduce your risk of forming bad breath by rinsing your mouth too.

Avoid High Sugar Content

Many protein drinks contain added sugar to enhance their flavor. Though you might enjoy the sweet taste, sugar is notoriously harmful to your dental health. Sugar becomes acidic when it interacts with your saliva.

The acid can then erode your tooth enamel, putting your smile at serious risk of forming cavities and other dental dangers. Your dentist can treat cavities with dental fillings, but you should preserve the natural structure of your smile as much as possible.

Keep an eye on the ingredients of your protein shakes so that you can avoid high levels of sugar. When you make protein drinks yourself, you can control the amount of sugar in the beverages. You might want to try blending them on your own.

Continue Proper Oral Hygiene

To lower your risk of dental problems caused by protein shakes, you should take proper care of your smile. A healthy foundation in your teeth and gums will better resist potential damage from the foods and drinks that you consume. The best way to do this at home is to stick to a thorough oral hygiene regimen.

Make sure you brush your teeth twice a day and floss on a daily basis. Ask your dentist if mouthwash and other hygienic products will help you as well.

You should visit your dentist for routine teeth cleanings and oral exams too to maximize your preventative dental care. You can ask your dentist for personalized tips to keep your smile healthy during these appointments.