What to Expect with Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a ceramic cap that fits over a damaged tooth to repair it, enhance your smile, and prevent further harm. It has a variety of uses in restorative dentistry, and dentists often recommend this treatment.

If your dentist suggests this dental procedure, it is natural to want to know more about what you can expect from this treatment. Dr. David Rever, a dentist in Silver Spring, MD, describes the benefits, placement process, and results you can anticipate with dental crowns.

restorative dental crowns in Silver Spring Maryland

How Can Dental Crowns Help Me?

Dental crowns have numerous restorative oral health benefits. Crowns can address the following dental concerns:

  • Fix cavities and extensive tooth decay
  • Whiten discolored teeth
  • Replace thinned or weakened enamel
  • Protect teeth after root canal therapy
  • Complete the prosthetic of a dental implant
  • Repair chipped, cracked, or broken teeth

A consultation with your dentist about your dental health can determine if dental crowns are the best treatment option for you. A dental crown can help you eat, speak, and smile normally again. Learn more about dental crowns.

What is the Dental Crown Procedure Like?

If you and your dentist decide to pursue this treatment, your dentist will begin by taking an impression of your teeth. They will then construct a crown with the unique shape, size, and color of your smile in mind.

When the crown is ready, your dentist will begin the procedure by giving you a local anesthetic for optimal patient comfort. Then they will shave some of the enamel from the affected tooth to make room for the crown.

The dentist will then place the ceramic cap over the tooth and seal it into place with dental bonding. You will be able to return home to your normal activities directly after this procedure.

What Restorative Results Can I Expect?

You will notice an enhanced appearance to your smile and pain relief from any dental damage immediately following your procedure. Your dentist will likely recommend avoiding eating for an hour after you receive your crown to ensure it adheres to your tooth properly.

Dental crowns are permanent and can only be removed by a dentist once sealed into place. With good oral hygiene habits, crowns can last for up to fifteen years. Your dentist can offer advice for ensuring long-lasting restorative benefits from your crown.

Dental Crowns and More in Silver Spring, MD

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