Taking Care of Dentures

For patients with missing teeth, dentures can be an effective tooth replacement solution. The removable fixtures feature prosthetic teeth on an acrylic base. Partial dentures also use a metal framework to secure the appliance to surrounding teeth. Dentures can replace an entire arch of teeth or act as a bridge to replace several teeth in a row. They can restore oral function while aiding in the cosmetic aesthetics of your smile. Once you get dentures, it is important to maintain them so that they can last for several years. Dr. David Rever, a dentist in Silver Spring, MD, provides advice about taking care of your dentures.dentures dentist silver spring md

Good oral hygiene

To take proper care of your dentures, you must also practice good hygiene for your mouth. The bacteria that collects in your mouth will transfer to your dentures since they are worn in the mouth for much of the day. Proper oral hygiene involves brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing daily. Preferably, flossing should be done at night to remove plaque that has gathered throughout the day. Mouthwash can get rid of excess bacteria in places that may not be easily reached with brushing alone. Dentures should be removed while brushing your teeth and will be cleaned separately.

Rinse and soak

The denture appliance requires additional maintenance from the rest of your mouth. Dentures should be brushed daily to get rid of bacteria. They should be thoroughly rinsed afterward so that the denture cleanser does not go back into your mouth when your dentures do. Avoid hot water, as the heat can warp the appliance.

Dentures should also be rinsed after eating to remove food particles that can be trapped in the fixture. When not wearing your dentures – for instance, while sleeping – they should be soaked in a cleaning solution. Dentures can dry out and lose their shape if not properly cared for.

Schedule regular dentist appointments

Once you receive your dentures, you should continue to communicate with your dentist about your restorative dental care. Dentures usually last five years with proper maintenance, but your facial and dental structure can change as you age. This may cause your dentures to not fit as well. If your dentures are slipping out of place, you should let your dentist know. Your dentist can also thoroughly clean your teeth and gums to ensure your dentures have a stable foundation.

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