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At Advanced Total Dental Care, we strive to be your go-to dentist in Silver Springs, MD. Patient reviews allow us to know what we’re doing right and what we can work on. We also want potential patients to know that they can expect a certain standard of care from our office. Read testimonials below to learn more about our compassionate in silver spring, maryland

Patients Review Advanced Total Dental Care

I recently moved to Maryland from Virginia and for the past year I have been traveling for one hour and a half each time to see my dentist. I was apprehensive about getting a new dentist. Well, that apprehension and fear were quelled today after my first visit to Dr. Rever. The reception that I received from the staff calmed my fear. I felt like I was the only patient there today. I was laughing and joking with everyone like I had known them for a long time. The staff was very professional yet personable and relatable. I really appreciate the care that I received today and I am so grateful to my friend for the referral. Dr. Rever was very attentive and spoke to me in terms that a layperson like me could understand. I felt comfortable that I was in good hands. Thank you all so much.

-Endale Savine-Torimiro

I have been a patient at Dr. Rever’s practice for 2 years now. Partly due to genetics, lackadaisical dental work in my distant past, and neglectful oral hygiene on occasion, I have tended to need a tremendous amount of dental work over the years (like everyone, I am a work in progress). Because I value being able to go to whoever I want and get work done without hassles and paperwork, I have always been a self-pay patient over all my dental experiences (quite the privilege). Over my 24 adult years, I probably have sunk $60,000 into dental work, nearly a third of that with Dr. Rever, I would guesstimate. I would recommend his work without reservation. Part of what gets expensive when you get into root canals and crowns is when on top of that, you’re fixing bad dental work, to boot. Dr. Rever had to rectify a number of issues in my mouth that had caused me discomfort over the years as well as deterioration. I’ve seen maybe 6 dentists in my life, some good, some less so. He’s the best I’ve ever seen. He is not only patient and methodical, he is incredibly conscientious. I don’t enjoy spending 3 hours in the chair, but I know when he’s done, it’s been done 100% right. He won’t do a “good enough” job. He brings his “A” game every single day. I know because I have had over 25 visits (I am pretty much done and just on 3 times a year cleanings now). His staff is wonderful, and he seems to take very good care of them. He is currently the sole practitioner in this practice, and I like that, unlike some dentists that are constantly hopping from patient to patient to keep up the revenue. I was never neglected or had my visit prolonged because he was with another patient. This is partly because he has techs who are extremely competent who can do a number of things that lower-skilled techs would not be trusted to do. However, 75% of my chair time was with Dr. Rever, not the techs. He’s not cheap because he has an entire staff that he pays a living wage and he clearly invests in the newest technologies and training (e.g., 3d scanning instead of molds). There is also Rebecca, who I consider to be the best dental hygienist in the business–I have never had better cleanings in my life. I highly recommend this practice, particularly for self-pay patients where value becomes even more critical.

-David Morgan

Excellent service, professional customer service, and safety. Dr. Rever, Samira, and all the staff are friendly highly recommend

-Lemlem Araya

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