How You Benefit From Dental Technology

At Advanced Total Dental Care, we strive to have the most updated technology to help our patients. Dental technology can offer patients quicker, easier, and more comfortable treatment options for their dental problems. Not only that, but it’s often more convenient for dentists as well. Dr. David Rever, a dentist in Silver Spring, MD, discusses the technology options available at our office and what they can do for you.silver spring, maryland dentist

The Benefits of Our Technology

Dental technology is designed to make your treatment better. This is true at every stage of the process, from diagnosis, to planning treatment, to the procedures themselves. Technology makes things less painful for you, gives you quicker and more efficient treatment, and can help the effects last longer.

With technology, we have the ability to spot diseases and other problems earlier. This helps us provide treatment in the early stages, leading to less invasive treatment, as well as improving the likelihood that it’ll be successful. Technology makes the treatment process better for both you and the dentist!

Technology at Your Silver Spring, MD Dentist

In our office, we have multiple different machines that provide advanced technology and different functions to help ease your treatment.

CBCT 3D X-Rays

This advanced system for x-rays exposes you to less radiation while producing a better product for Dr. Rever. The scans can help diagnose things like tooth decay, oral cancer, and other oral issues. They’re also used to find the optimal placement for dental implants.

Picasso Soft Tissue Dental Laser

The dental laser is used as a less invasive form of periodontal therapy for gum disease. It can remove any damaged tissue and bacteria that are causing the inflammation and irritation to your gums while minimizing any impact on your healthy teeth. It also stimulates the body’s natural healing response for quicker recovery time.


At every routine dental visit, we perform an oral cancer screening. Dentists are experts at pointing out the early stages of oral cancer that you might not recognize yourself. The VelScope enhances the visual ability of the dentist, letting them get a better look at the inside of your mouth.

Dental Vibe

Dental anxiety can be aggravated by injections for anesthesia. Many patients are afraid of needles, even if they aren’t necessarily afraid of the dentist normally. This device uses gentle vibration to give painless injections. It tricks your brain with the vibration to ignore the injection and pain signals.


Typically when you have local anesthesia, your mouth is numb and you have trouble speaking or eating for a few hours. This helps reverse those effects so that you can go right back to your daily routine only a few minutes after leaving our office.


When you have a cavity, you typically only find out when you notice symptoms of it or can see it on your tooth. This means it’s already advanced. This laser allows us to detect tooth decay before it’s detectable by anything else. It allows Dr. Rever to see any changes in your hard and soft tissues, which can be indicators of infection.

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