Tips & Tricks to Better Oral Hygiene With Braces

We know it may seem impossible to thoroughly clean your teeth when you have metal braces. But we promise it is possible! With these simple tips and tricks from Silver Sring, MD orthodontist Dr. David Rever, you can take better care of your teeth while wearing braces and help to avoid staining or decay.

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Tips & Tricks for Oral Hygiene With Braces

  • Brush, Brush, Brush: Brushing your teeth is always important, but especially while wearing braces. To maintain the health of your teeth it is highly recommended that you brush at least twice a day with a soft-bristled brush. We do, however, encourage patients with braces to brush after every meal. Brushing in circular motions can remove plaque and food from under braces and keep your teeth clean.
  • Flossing with Finesse: Flossing effectively with braces can help remove hard to reach plaque and food build up. Pull the floss underneath the arch of the wire for the best results.
  • Treat Yourself to Fluoride: Dr. Rever may recommend fluoride treatments. Fluoride can help strengthen tooth enamel to prevent decay. There are over the counter mouthwashes that can also be used after meals or in between snacks to help rinse the mouth of any bacteria buildup.
  • Stay Away from Sticky Snacks: Metal braces have long been known for restricting diets. The most important things to avoid while wearing braces are snacks and foods that are sticky and prone to getting stuck in the brackets. Any hard candies, chewing gum, or gummy candies should always be avoided. Foods such as nuts and popcorn can also cause problems when wearing braces as they easily become lodged in the teeth and may be difficult to remove.

Cleaner, Straighter, Stronger Teeth

Taking care of your teeth and practicing oral hygiene is important for your well-being. Braces are an investment in your time and money and help you achieve your straightest most beautiful smile. Oral hygiene while wearing braces is extra important to avoid the chance of developing additional oral health concerns. To learn about how braces can help you improve your smile and oral health, or for more tips on keeping your braces clean, contact our Silver Springs, MD dentist office.