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Post Orthodontic Care Silver Spring, MD

Dr. Rever understands the joy most patients feel when orthodontic care is complete and braces are removed, revealing a beautiful new smile you have been waiting to see. Straighter teeth have improved the aesthetics of your smile as well as your overall dental health. As your Silver Spring family dentist, we want to help you keep your smile looking and feeling this way for years to come.

The key to maintaining the results of your orthodontic care is the use of a retainer as directed. Wearing your retainer all day, every day is often recommended for up to a year post treatment. This is to reinforce the new position of your teeth and their supporting structures. Without proper retainer use, you can experience shifting of teeth due to the flexible nature of the ligaments and soft tissue that hold them in place.

After the recommended initial phase of use, most patients will wear a retainer at night. It is often recommended that it be used for the rest of your life to ensure your new tooth position is maintained.

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Types Of Retainers

There are several different types of retainers and Dr. Rever will recommend the most appropriate for you needs.

  • Hawley retainer: this is the traditional style of retainer consisting of a thin layer of plastic molded to your palate and a wire that goes over the front of the teeth.
  • Clear retainer: similar to clear aligners, this retainer is like a mouth guard and fits snugly over the teeth.
  • Fixed bonded retainer: for patients at a higher risk for tooth movement after treatment, this type of retainer is permanently fixed to the back of the teeth, removable by Dr. Rever when no longer needed and replaced with a different style of retainer.