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Root Canal Silver Spring MD

Root CanalAn Overview

Dr. David Rever offers a wide variety of treatments for tooth decay. Once of the most effective treatments to relieve tooth pain associated with advanced decay or severe tooth damage is a root canal procedure. Root canals can save your natural tooth and preserve the integrity of your smile. Root canals are often no more uncomfortable than receiving a simple filling.

Dr. Rever can perform your root canal in the comfort of our Silver Spring dentist office. We offer dental sedation to enable you to feel relaxed and pain free during the procedure.

When Do You Need A Root Canal?

Do you have a tooth that aches severely? If so, then you may need restorative treatment to correct the issue and address the discomfort. If a tooth becomes infected, then we may recommend a root canal to save the tooth. Otherwise, infection can continue to spread until a tooth requires extraction.

Frequently Asked Questions About Root Canals

How does a tooth become infected?

  • An infection develops when bacteria comes into contact with the pulp, a bundle of living tissue in the center of the tooth. This can happen as a result of injury or an untreated cavity that continues to spread.

How do I know if I need treatment?

  • The doctor will need to examine your smile and recommend treatment. Potential warning signs of an infection include fever, swelling near the teeth, pain when biting down or chewing, toothaches, or possibly a foul tasting discharge erupting near the tooth. Don’t ignore possible warning signs, talk to your dentist today.

What does root canal therapy involve?

  • The procedure involves gently opening the tooth and removing the infected tissue. Afterward, the doctor thoroughly cleans the interior of the tooth and root canals before placing a restorative filling. Finally, the tooth is capped with a custom-made dental crown.

Question: Will my tooth look natural afterward?

  • Your tooth will blend with the rest of your smile. We fabricate the crown using lifelike porcelain and then we shade the material, ensuring the restoration matches the rest of your smile. If you have more questions about root canal therapy, then please contact our office today.

Root Canal What to Expect

Dr. Rever will discuss his plan to treat your oral pain and restore your smile. Next, a local anesthetic will be administered. Dr. Rever offers options for dental sedation, including inhalation conscious sedation (nitrous oxide) and oral conscious sedation to make sure patients are relaxed, comfortable, and pain-free throughout their procedure.

After drilling a small hole in the back of the affected tooth, the infected pulp is removed. The tooth is then cleaned, disinfected, and filled with biocompatible material. The tooth is sealed to prevent future infection. Dr. Rever may recommend placing a dental crown to protect and strengthen the tooth and keep your smile functioning its best for years to come.