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Dental Bridges Silver Spring, MD

Dental BridgesAn Overview

If you have missing teeth you may not feel confident about your smile. In our Silver Spring dentist office, we work diligently to restore your confidence with a brighter, healthier smile. Dr. David Rever, a top Silver Spring restorative dentist, offers patients years of expertise to help repair and replace their teeth with a range of advanced treatment options.

Dental bridges are an economical dental restoration for patients who are missing teeth. Whether patients are missing one tooth or several teeth, dental bridges can help restore a bright, functional smile. Dr. Rever will work with patients to decided whether their new appliance should be removable, or fixed. If patients are looking for a more permanent solution, then dental implants can be applied for a more stable result. Patients who may need a dental bridge can expect their new appliance to:

  • Provide a strong foundation for existing teeth
  • Restore a healthier looking smile
  • Long lasting and durable

Dental Bridges What to Expect

Dr. David Rever’s Silver Spring dentist office takes pride in providing a relaxing and comfortable patient experience. Upon arrival, patients can expect to have a detailed consultation with Dr. Rever, mapping out their needs, concerns and treatment plan to restore their smile. During the consultation, Dr. Rever will determine whether dental implants are a valuable option for your oral health needs.

The design and fit of a dental bridge is a multi-step process. For patients to receive the best result possible, Dr. Rever will take a dental impression of your teeth to ensure a comfortable, custom fit. Patients will be given a temporary solution until your customized impression is ready to be secured. Depending on the overall aesthetic of your teeth, Dr. Rever will choose from the highest quality materials to create your dental bridge. The selected material will be colored matched to give you a natural looking smile. He then will apply your new dental bridge and ensure the right fit and color for your smile.

With proper maintenance and good oral health habits, your dental bridge can last many years.

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