See Smile Enhancement with Veneers

Are you unhappy with the way your teeth appear? If you are dissatisfied with the color, shape, or alignment of your smile, you could suffer a blow to your self-esteem that might negatively impact your overall confidence.

Cosmetic treatment from your dentist can give you a beautiful smile that you can feel proud of. A dentist will employ a personalized approach to ensure your teeth can look gorgeous as well as natural at the end of your treatment.

One cosmetic solution a dentist can recommend is porcelain veneers. These shells adhere to the front of the teeth to enhance the smile’s appearance. Read on to discover the aesthetic benefits you can receive with porcelain veneer treatment from your dentist.

See Smile Enhancement with Veneers

Brighten Your Smile

Teeth can grow yellow, stained, or dull in color for a number of reasons over time. While bleaching agents can remove many types of tough dental discoloration, not all tooth stains will respond to this targeted teeth-whitening treatment.

But a dentist can still help you make your smile pearly white with porcelain veneers. The fixtures will cover stains or other stubborn discoloration to make your smile look brighter and more stunning according to your specific desires.

A dentist will choose a color for these fixtures that matches your natural smile for a beautiful finish. You can also feel confident in lasting results because the material will resist future staining.

Amend Minor Tooth Breakage

Though strong and durable, your teeth might crack or chip under abnormal amounts of pressure, like when you bite down on hard items. Severe breakage will likely need restorative dental treatment to amend. But a dentist can also treat and enhance minor chips and cracks in your teeth with porcelain veneers.

The veneers will cover this minor damage to reshape your tooth to look even once more. The fixtures seal into place with bonding to shield these vulnerable areas so that you do not suffer from further harm. You can stop the injuries from worsening while also improving your smile’s appearance with this treatment.

Veneers are designed to endure the wear and tear your teeth usually experience. But, like your teeth, they are not indestructible. Follow your dentist’s aftercare advice to maximize the benefits of your veneers and avoid breaking them.

Build a Straighter Smile

Have you noticed gaps between teeth, overlapping teeth, or other misalignments in your smile? Genetics can lead to crooked teeth, but your oral habits can contribute to this issue as well. Major malocclusions will need attention from an orthodontist, but you can also build a straighter smile with porcelain veneers.

Dentists can close gaps and place veneers in a straight position that you can take pride in. This will also help you keep your teeth clean because it will be easier to brush and floss around teeth that do not overlap. Discover if veneers can solve these aesthetic dental concerns and more when you call your dentist today.