Did You Miss Your Regular Appointment?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many dental offices have had to close for everything but emergency dental procedures. This means that regular dental cleanings and checkups have been postponed or canceled. So what should you do if your appointment was one that was canceled? Dr. David Rever of Advanced Total Dental Care, a dentist in Silver Spring, MD, offers some advice.silver spring, md dentist

Make Sure Your Appointment is Rescheduled

Just because your appointment was canceled doesn’t mean you should skip it. Getting a dental checkup and cleaning every six months is important for your oral health. You should try to get another appointment as close to your original time as possible. Our office may have already reached out about rescheduling. If not, call us or use our online scheduling tool to make sure you’re all set.

Participate in an Oral Health Routine at Home

Especially since you’re going to be late for deep cleaning, it’s important to make sure you’re taking care of your teeth when you’re at home. We know it can be hard. You’re readjusting your routine to incorporate working from home or helping your children with online learning. When you’re trying to make sure everything is taken care of at home, things like your oral health can fall to the wayside.

However, if you don’t want to struggle with tooth decay and gum disease, you have to make sure you brush and floss at least twice a day. Set an alarm or reminder on your phone for mornings and evenings to make sure you get your twice a day cleaning in. This can also help remind the rest of your household. Since brushing more is never something bad, you can also take care of your teeth after every meal if it helps you remember better.

Keep an Eye on Your Diet

Making sure everything you eat is healthy and balanced can be hard right now. Grocery stores have limited hours and are struggling to keep items on the shelves while people are stocking up for their isolation. It’s a difficult time for everyone and it’s also common to crave comfort foods instead of things that are healthier. But there are simple things you can do with your diet to help your oral health.

First, try to limit the amount of sugar you’re consuming. Sugar is an enemy of a healthy mouth. Harmful oral bacteria feed off of sugar, using it as a main food source. Those bacteria emit an acidic byproduct that eats through the enamel on your teeth. The more sugar you’re consuming, the more acid that’s being released in your mouth. This is what leads to tooth decay and further dental problems.

Also, drink water as your main beverage during this time. If you’re drinking tap water, it’s most likely fortified with fluoride, which strengthens the enamel on your teeth. Water also keeps your mouth hydrated. This is crucial for rinsing away the excess sugar and food particles that are in between and around your teeth.

Your Dentist in Silver Spring, Maryland

Due to the stress of the pandemic, you also want to get a checkup after to make sure it hasn’t impacted your smile. Call us or schedule an appointment online. We hope to see your smile in our office soon!