Technology Improving Oral Health

Recent advancements in dental technology have revolutionized all aspects of dentistry. Dental technology has allowed for earlier diagnosis of oral disease and provides more effective and less invasive treatments. Dental technology has improved the field of dental health care, improving patient’s oral health. Dr. Rever has been on the forefront of dental technology and uses the latest techniques and tools for the benefit of his patients.

Dr. Rever uses technology that allows for early detection of complex oral health concerns, and laser dentistry that reduces swelling and bleeding and eliminates sutures and drills.

dental technology for oral health silver spring md dentist office

Dental Technology Silver Spring, MD

Laser Dentistry: For Less Invasive, More Effective Treatment

Dr. Rever uses the Picasso soft tissue dental laser for periodontal therapy. The laser removes harmful bacteria and helps to promote the natural healing response in the gums and tooth roots. Laser dentistry for gum disease can often time eliminate the need for traditional gum surgery.

Sedation Dentistry Advancements: New Tools to Reduce Stress

Dr. Rever offers sedation dentistry to help patients overcome their dental anxiety. Dr. Rever also uses Oraverse to reverse the side effects of local anesthesia so patients do not have to deal with that annoying numb feeling after treatment. If patients have a fear of the dentist, and of needles, Dr. Rever offers Dental Vibe, a handheld tool that prevents the patients from feeling the anesthetic injection.

Early Detection: New Technology For Early Intervention

Tooth decay, oral cancer, and gum disease are all serious oral health conditions that are all best treated if caught as soon as possible. New technologies allow for earlier detection for a chance at conservative treatment. Dr. Rever uses Kavo Diagnodent to scan for early signs of tooth decay before it is visible to the human eye. Velscope is used to enhance the visual screening for oral cancer. Early detection of oral cancer can save lives.

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